dieplader dorset
Lowloader male tank (excl. for Dorset/ Poelcapelle)
dieplader vrouwelijk
Lowloader female tank (extern events)











The non-profit organization P1917a offers for the moment, the possibility of renting the tank static (Limited)

(Book 1 year in advance!)

Contact our event - coördinator

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Female tank, (Wood) sponsons: wide: 3,25m, length: 8m
Male tank, (metal) sponsons: Wide: 4m, Length: 8m










Un-ditching beam

What to look for:

  • Is there enough space for the transporter (Loading / unloading)
  • Solid surface? (not to wet, flat surface,..)
  • Is there surveillance at night or the terrain can be closed
  • Safety for the public( insurance third parties)
  • At delivery we have rubberpads attached on the tank to avoid damage to the road.
  • Only static (demonstration possible)
  • With request, photos, card, address desired.
  • Choice Female sponsons only (Assembly manually)
  • Length: 8m, width: 2,5m, (without sponsons)
  • Total weight: 25tons
  • Minimum passage for the tank (min. 3m)
  • No extra room voor the fascine on lowloader (extra transport needed min.1000kg)
  • Tractor to lift the beam/ fascine/ sponsons of the tank (min. 1000kg)
  • Adress tank: Roeselarestraat 7, 8920 langemark, Belguim
  • No transport on Sunday
  • Lowloader with a double ramp (Important)
  • The slope of lowloader is low enouph (slippery rubberpads in wet weather)


Measurements attachments tank:

  • Un-ditching beam: length: 3,20m, weight: 350kg
  • Fascine: Lengte: 3,10m, diameter: 1,45m, weight: 1000kg
  • Female sponsons: wide 35cm, length: 1m90, weight: 80kg
  • Male sponsons: wide 75cm, length: 1m90, weight: 900kg



  • Static, transport crew(quotation on request)
  • Transport Cost tank (organised by the customer)
  • With several days of overnight crew (+-6 persons)
  • Insurance third parties
  • Insurance transport






tank plattegrond


Tankload with 2 male Sponsons, 1 unditching beam and fascine (trailer with double ramps for a good angle is needed)
Tankload with 2 male Sponsons and 1 unditching beam (trailer with double ramps for a good angle is needed)